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A consortium of entertainment and broadcast professionals with more than 60 years of experience in communicating the truth and promoting justice in the media. We are also working on tax exemptions and the loi malraux. You can buy an old building and you can collect tax if you are entitled. These are interesting tax reliefs for works.

Work is possible, and part of the work is subject to tax with defiscalisation loi malraux. You can spend up to 400,000 euros for a period of 4 years and you will have a tax reduction of 22-30%. A very interesting tax advantage, just like historical monuments.

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Public Power ... A Historical Case of Civil Rights The VLBT has set the precedent for public participation in the process of developing the FCC standard. The question from 1964 gave the citizens the right to inform the Commission about the issues that concern them. Prior to VLBT, the right of the applicant to the FCC was restricted to commercial companies.

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Broadcasters use public waves. Accordingly, the first priority of the loi malraux should be in the public interest service. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) states that "illegal broadcasting of explicit sexual content is between 6 and 10 hours". In accordance with the United States Constitution, it is our duty to be honored and respected by broadcasters and FCCs who are responsible for the loi malraux. And when we talk about acting, you have to enter the law of malaria. A tax exemption solution that allows us to restore real estate. The paper deals with the renovation of buildings and protected sectors. This is an exceptional asset that you need to rent in order to benefit from tax incentives. So, with loi malraux, there is a tax deduction and despite regular rentals for many years. And you have no right to respect, as in loi malraux. You are free as a historical monument.

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Broadcasters use public waves, so by law their first priority must be a public interest. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) says: "It is illegal to broadcast sex explicitly between 6:00 and 10:00." Our duty under the Constitution of the United States is that broadcasting organizations and the FCC are responsible for the loi malraux that they have to respect and implement.

Did you know loi malraux ?

The case of civil rights has become television. Public Power ... Reference Process VLBT The process of creating FCC rules. The 1964 case gave citizens the right to file a petition with the Commission on issues of interest to them. Before the VLBT, the right to apply to the FCC was limited to commercial activities. Do you know loi malraux? This is one of the best ways to reduce your taxes. Simply buy the property, renew it and rent it. It is important to know that for works that are regulated by Malro's law, they must be inspected and supervised by an architect of buildings in France. It is very important if you want to benefit from tax cuts.

Lack of balance - music, media and messages

Disadvantage - lack or absence. Balance - the power or means of decision making. In short, the music industry (labels, distribution, promotion, retail and broadcasting), television and radio, has become a monopoly with several organizations that control what they see, hear and know. and the behavior of people who follow, listen and teach.

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Listen to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) saying that illegal broadcasting of obscene content between 6:00 and 10:00 is illegal. Undeterminedness is defined as representing or describing explicit or extraordinary sexual activities. However, the third-highest number of songs on the radio in 2003 was the song "Get Lov". The songs match skate, skate, skate, ejaculate. It received more than 200,000 rpm in radio formats, reaching more than 500 million listeners. However, no radio stations or networks have been penalized.

Public transmission lines must reflect the interests of the public they serve. Send a message to the stations and hold them responsible. The first step is to learn how to file a formal complaint. Formal compliance must be submitted to the FCC. Just resorting to a radio station, a transmission network or a talent is not a way to get attention. The appropriate protocol is to file a complaint with the FCC. Let's get back to the air waves. The earthing industry simplified the process electronically.

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